List of Terrestrial Animals That Turns Out Good at Swimming

List of Terrestrial Animals That Turns Out Good at Swimming – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from reliable sources, here is an article that discusses a list of terrestrial animals that turn out to be good at swimming.

When asked which animal is good at swimming, everyone will definitely answer fish. Yes, the name is a sea animal, you must be good at swimming. But you know what, it turns out that this one skill is not only owned by humans or fish, you know!

List of Terrestrial Animals That Turns Out Good at Swimming

1. Elephant

Who said that large animals are not good at swimming? Elephants can! Even though they have giant bodies, elephants are really good at dealing with water. Basically, this animal really likes water.

What is unique is that instead of drowning, the elephant’s large body and long trunk actually allow these animals to immerse themselves in water without drowning.

Elephants have strong legs that can row up to 30 miles away. In addition, this animal has a trunk that can change its function to become a natural diving tool. Cool, right?

2. Hippos

It’s not just elephants who can swim, big hippos can also, you know! Hippos spend 16 hours a day just soaking in water. With that long, it was strange that hippos couldn’t swim.

Unlike elephants who drown themselves, hippos almost always leave their eyes and noses above the water to keep them breathing. Even when submerged, the hippopotamus has strong lungs, which allow it to hold its breath for five minutes.

3. Tiger

Most cats don’t really like water. But that may only apply to small cats, for big cats like tigers, water is definitely not something to be afraid of.

Instead of being afraid, tigers often spend their time in rivers to cool off or hunt. Even on the border of India and Bangladesh, tigers and cubs can often be seen crossing rivers.

4. Polar bear

Living on land surrounded by ice, a polar bear must obviously be an expert at swimming if it is to survive. No half-hearted, polar bears can swim hundreds of miles without stopping to get food.

Currently, they also frequently move from one chunk of ice to another for standing. Understandably, global warming makes a lot of ice melt and makes it difficult for polar bears to get to land.

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5. Sloth

Sloths may travel very slowly on land, but make no mistake, they can move faster when underwater. When swimming, the sloth will use its long arms to row and move forward.

In fact, slow lorises spend more time in the rainforest canopy, which is their habitat. Even though they live on land, they never refuse to swim when they find a river. Just like humans, make them swim fun!

6. Lions and seals

We are used to seeing dogs and sea lions lazing by the beach. But we also sometimes forget that they consume fish as their daily diet. Well, because fish live in the sea, the only way to get it is by swimming.

Sea lions and seals have fins that can help them swim up to 25 meters per hour.