Benefits of Swimming for Body Health

Benefits of Swimming for Body Health – Swimming is a sport that is in demand by many people in the world, with playing in water being one of the preferred swimming sports factors.

Talking about swimming is indeed one of the most enjoyable water sports. It’s not wrong if swimming activity is almost in demand by various ages.

Benefits of Swimming for Body Health

Besides being able to refresh the body, in fact swimming regularly also has health benefits, you know. This is because almost all of your body moves at the same time to train your leg, arm and shoulder muscles. What are the benefits? Just take a look at the 5 health benefits of swimming below.

1. Increase height

Swimming is also considered to have benefits to help increase height, you know! Especially in children who are still growing. This is triggered by the operation of all the muscles of the body that are used while swimming.

Especially in the leg muscles, arm muscles and chest. This is one way to increase height.

But that doesn’t mean swimming can just make your body tall, huh. Of course, there are several other factors that affect a person’s height, such as genetic factors and nutritional intake.

2. Maintain a healthy heart and lungs

Besides getting good training for your muscles. It turns out that the other benefits of swimming can improve the cardiovascular system. Swimming can make your heart and lungs strong.

Compared to people who don’t actively swim, swimmers have about half the risk of dying. Several studies have shown that swimming can also help lower blood pressure and control blood sugar, reported Healthline.

3. Helps burn calories

When you move all the muscles while swimming, of course you need a lot of energy and burn a lot of calories immediately. The more routinely you practice swimming, the more calories you burn.

Relaxing swimming can burn about 220 calories every 30 minutes in a person who weighs 155 pounds, or the equivalent of 70 kilograms. The number of calories burned also depends on how skilled you are at swimming, reported Insider.

4. Helps relieve stress

Who would have thought that swimming was also included in activities that could relieve stress, you know. This is associated with increased mood when swimming.

Reported by Insider, if you do swimming with the correct technique, then a swimming style that involves rhythmic breathing can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, this part of the nervous system that is responsible for rest and relaxation.

Many people find water pressure relaxing “like a hug,” says Lori Sherlock, professor of exercise physiology at West Virginia University, who coordinates the school’s aquatic therapy program. He also added that the warm water is also very soothing.

5. Improve sleep quality

The next benefit of swimming is that it can improve sleep quality. Of course it can help those of you who have trouble sleeping at night. This is because when swimming, you will release several hormones which will make you more relaxed and refreshed.

Reported by Medical News Today, that a 2010 study, showed about half of the population of older adults reported difficulty sleeping due to insomnia. Well, in this case swimming also plays a role in helping those who want quality sleep.